About Me

Alberte Skronski is a Danish born artist, currently living and working in Stockholm. Her practice is based around video, installation and sculptural pieces, working primarily with cardboard and papier mache as a medium. She developed her craft for sculpture and painting while living in Florence, Italy, studying at a classical art atelier, but has since 2018 been working primarily performance and video based. She has had her works shown at multiple exhibits including the focus film festival at Nikolaj Kunsthal & Kunstnernes efterårsudstilling at den frie udstillingsbygning.

Artist Statement

One of the main driving forces behind my practice is my love for dressing up and the joy it brings me – I want to try and transmit this feeling to my audience. By using materials like cardboard, papier-mâché and Styrofoam I build a fully constructed reality in which my characters exist. My characters are often non human in form, but anthropomorphic, existing in a parallel universe where they act as if human. (E.g. a hot dog going to the beach, greeting a sunbathing ice cream cone)

   I make all the scenography of my videos myself: costumes, makeup, props, backgrounds. Building the sets myself is an important part of my practice as it gives me full control over the aesthetic outcome so that nothing is a coincidence. 

   Often working with bright colors and patterns, I like to crank up the saturation and play with proportions to give my pieces a surreal twist. The DIY feeling to the props accentuates this by creating a space that both resembles the real world, and is completely and recognizably fake.  A simulated version of the world - an iconographic recreation of reality.

   There is a sense of suspended reality in my works. Things don’t act as you expect them too; something still might move and something fragile might not break. If you play an instrument it is not going to sound like you expect it to. For me, these incongruities between expectation and reality are the source of a vital part of my universe: humor.


Working with the concept of radical happiness in a hyper colorful and sometimes grotesque universe, in short, I like to describe my work as children’s TV for adults.



2019 -: The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm

2018 - 2019: Kunstskolen Spektrum, Copenhagen

2014- 2017:Classical studio-based drawing and painting education with under-studies in sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art, Italy

- Got to the graduation prize "Still life of the year, 2017"

2011-2014:Secondary education by Ingrid Jespersen High School, Copenhagen

2001- 2011: Elementary school education by Folke Bernadotte School, Copenhagen

Assistant positions

2019: Assistant under the artist Peter Callesen, Copenhagen

2012: Assistant under the artist Sophie Erlund, Berlin

Exhibitions 2019

2019: FOCUS Art Video Festival, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen

2019: DIVERISTY, X-Porten, Hundested

2019: View 2019, Spectrum, Copenhagen

2019: BIG or BIGGGEST- The Wrong Biennale, selected locations, Copenhagen

2019: Rundgang 2019, The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Stockholm

2019: KE 2019, Kunstnernes efterårsudstilling , Den Frie Udstilling, Copenhagen

2019: Christmas ART FAIR 2019 Artworks x Misshumasshu, Misshumasshu, Stockholm

Exhibitions 2020

2020: Come inside, The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Stockholm

2020: First show, The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Stockholm

2020: Gallery Gestuz, Galleri christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen

2020: Right or Wrong, One-Off Moving Image Festival, Valencia

2020: wormhole, between the lines, Newspaper,

Upcoming Exhibitions

2021: At home, Magenta Gallery, Copenhagen

2021: Hang in there,Handarbetets Vänner, Stockholm

2021: detroit river international wildlife refuge, Detroit stockholm, Stockholm

2021/2022: solo show, Galleri Toll, Stockholm

2022: Billboards, Skt. Petersburg


2019: Rundgång 2019, The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Stockholm

2020: wormhole, between the lines, Newspaper,


Artist in recidence w. Mark cross, new York